Foot Reflexology

Traditional foot reflexology…our process is a combined method of ancient Chinese herbal soaking and acupressure. Our therapists use thumb and finger pressure to stimulate reflexive points of the foot that promote inner organ functions and well-being. It just feels so good!



30 minutes   $25

60 minutes   $40

90 minutes   $55

Hand Reflexology

Hand reflexology is an alternative or aid to foot therapy. Our therapists target your key body zones from the palms of your hands.



30 minutes   $30

Head and Shoulder Relaxation

Provides deep relaxation to the head and shoulders, which allows blood circulation to flow more easily. Effective for stress relief and calming the dragon.



30 minutes   $30

60 minutes   $50

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage

Family friendly full body massage provided by a qualified and licensed massage therapist.  All body massage performed by accredited Licensed Massage Therapists.



30 minutes   $40                                 

60 minutes   $70                                

90 minutes   $90

Swedish Body Massage

Family friendly therapeutic massage provided by a qualified and licensed massage therapist.  It involves using firm pressure and long strokes to break up muscle knots, which releases toxins from the body and improves blood flow throughout the body.



60 minutes   $60                                

Chair Massage

A style of seated massage, in an ergonomically designed chair, that nurtures body, mind and spirit.



10 minutes    $12

20 minutes    $21

30 minutes    $30

60 minutes    $60


Combinations of our favorite customer services.



30 min. foot & 30 min. hand                       $50

30 min. foot & 30 min. chair                       $50

30 min. foot & 30 min. head & shoulders     $50

30 min. foot & 30 min. body massage         $60

30 min. foot & 60 min. body massage         $85

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